Centrepiece Residences is taking fine shape, with the last few months showing significant progress accross the development.

The final beam has been set in place – those in the industry term this milestone ‘Topping Out’ – and typically this momentous occasion calls for celebration as it marks the conclusion of this critical phase of construction, in which the concrete structure is now officially complete. As a result, the commencement of a series of new phases can begin to unfold, including the mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic services being installed in the walls and ceilings of each apartment floor.

An overview from the ground up: the wall framing is rapidly taking shape with ground and first floors leading the way, primed and ready for plaster. Floors two through five are following closely behind and are prepped for wall framing. Windows are already being installed on ground floor, and window subhead and subsill installation has commenced on the upper floors.

From above, steel stud wall and roof members are installed on the second floor (eastern elevation) and first floor (northern elevation) in readiness for roof sheeting which is set to take place in the final weeks of August. From below, blockwork walls have been installed on basement floors as well as retail areas on the ground floor.

Aesthetically we’ll see noticeable shifts in the coming weeks as the external cladding (including metal cladding, QT EcoClad (QT) and cementel cladding) is applied to all elevations. Passenger lifts and the car stacker system are set to be installed early in this quarter, while commencement of the fitout of the substation is in progress, in readiness for authority works.

Within the apartments, plasterboard, wall and ceiling installations are progressing well, with seal coat finish paint applied to all plasterboard surfaces. Waterproofing in wet areas is underway, prepping the apartments for tiling – which is also on schedule for this quarter.

Perhaps the most exciting news we’ll have to share in the coming weeks, is the completion of the ‘Prototype’ apartment – the pinnacle which sets the standard for quality, style and finish across the entire development.

Management of time-critical items has been exceptional, with procurement of long-lead items such as the passenger lift, car stacker system, windows and joinery, already successfully delivered to site. The on-time arrival of these essential components allows for effective sequencing of services and seamless transitions between phases – ultimately delivering the most cost-effective build in the shortest timeframe possible.

Practical Completion scheduled for April/May 2020.

For information on your apartment, please contact Monique Maclean on 03 8582 8972 or email her: monique@settlement-solutions.com.au