Please find below update from the developer for Centrepiece Residences (formerly known as Duet) at 801 Centre Road, Bentleigh East:

We are pleased to report that despite our builder having to deal with delays associated with inclement weather (which has been more than usual over the last few weeks) the following key milestones have been achieved as we turn for Christmas:

  • The perimeter concrete capping beam that defines the basement around the site has been poured;
  • Detailed excavation is well underway, with the site fully excavated down to the base of the first basement level (LB1);
  • Approximately 240 pile stressing anchors have been installed to every second pile (or ‘hard’ pile) around the perimeter of the site,  2m below the capping beam at basement level 1 (LB1); this allows the further excavation of the site down to the second row of anchors which is just above the base of the second basement level (LB2);
  • Vertical anchors have been installed through the capping beam in the north east corner of the site, where it abuts the future development at 1 St Georges Avenue; and
  • Installation of the external stormwater works is well underway, with approximately 80m of 170m lineal metres of 300mm diameter PVC pipe installed along St Georges Avenue and a number of stormwater pits installed.

The next few weeks leading up to the Christmas shutdown period will be very busy on site, with the builder working towards achieving a number of significant milestones. Some of these milestones include:

  • Installation of the crane base and tower crane which is scheduled to occur on the 19th of December;
  • Excavation of 50% of the site (western side) down to the bottom of the second basement level (LB2);
  • Commencement of the installation of the second row of pile stressing anchors at the second basement level (LB2);
  • Commencement of in-ground services (including the installation of hydraulic pits and pipework below ground);
  • Pouring of some pad footings and the excavation of the structure core which provides the main structural stability for the building; and
  • Completion of the external stormwater works.

We look forward to providing you a further update on the exciting progress of the works early in the New Year.

In the meantime, we trust you will enjoy this short video presentation as we showcase the works we have completed over the past few months as we progress our way out of the ground at Centrepiece Residences.