Flux Continues To Progress.

December completion is now expected. Settlements will occur before Christmas or in January.

This ultimately will depend on the turnaround time of the Occupancy Permits by local Council. The developer is doing everything they can to have everyone in before Christmas, but nothing can be confirmed just yet.

Onsite, works are progressing extremely well with the structure complete and façade finishing well underway.

Externally, the windows are being installed, the balustrading is being fixed in place, and the striking architectural elements have been completed and being final painted.

Internally, the various trades including carpenters, joinery makers, electricians, plumbers, and plasterers are sequentially working their way up the building. Plastering has been completed up to Level 6. Tiling and kitchen installs start shortly.

In relation to the programme, the status is as follows:

The key programme items are as follows:

Stage Status
1. Site set up works Completed
2. Bulk excavation Completed
3. Basement works Completed
4. Structure works Completed
5. Services rough in Completed
6. Window glazing Completed
7. Facade cladding In progress
8. Internal fit out works In progress
9. Finishing works In progress
10. Title registration
11. Ready to settle

This will be our final update prior to moving into the settlement updates phase.

Settlement is anticipated for either December or January.