We are pleased to advise that Hamptons Residences will be ready for pre-settlement inspections from Tuesday 12th February 2019.

Inspections are by appointment only and times are offered on a first in, first served basis.

Your pre-settlement inspection is your opportunity to inspect your new apartment before settlement.

Each inspection is allocated one hour and it is your opportunity to do the following, if required:

– Complete a condition report and bring any issues to the attention of the builder; and
– Take any measurements you require, such as the fridge recess, washing machine space, etc. Please ensure you bring a measuring tape.

If you reside interstate or overseas and are unable to attend your pre-settlement inspection, Property Settlement Solutions can undertake the inspection on your behalf (free of charge) and email you a copy of your apartment’s condition report. Please advise via email if you would like Property Settlement Solutions to conduct the inspection for you.

Booking Your Pre-Settlement Inspection

Please follow the link below to book your pre-settlement inspection.


Our representative will meet you at your booked time at the front of Hamptons – South Road, Hampton East.

Please allow sufficient time to get there and make your way to the meeting spot.

Please note the following requirements when attending your pre-settlement inspection:

– Maximum of four (4) people to attend each inspection;
– No one under the age of 18 is permitted on site for safety reasons, as it remains classified as a construction site;
– Flat, closed-toe shoes must be worn. Heels or open-toe shoes will not be permitted on site; and
– You must not enter the building without one of our representatives. Please ensure you wait at the meeting point, until a representative arrives.

If you cannot attend and would like to nominate someone else, please let us know.

Please do not hesitate to contact Kirsten from Property Settlement Solutions on 03 8582 8971 or email kirsten@settlement-solutions.com.au if you have any questions relating to this.