We are pleased to advise the following update has been passed on by the developer.

Construction of this project commenced on the 1st of December, 2018. Glen Eira City Council has recently implemented mandatory maximum heights in the area to a maximum of 5 stories. Our permit allows for 8 stories and will be the tallest building in the area. In addition to being the tallest building, we will house the most expensive apartment in the area – The Penthouse, built over levels 6 and 7, will include 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (265 sqm) and a private rooftop swimming pool. This helps to ensure the uniqueness of our development and will contribute to maintaining property values for the building.

The building permit and council permits took a considerable amount of time to obtain due mainly to the complex build and utilisation of council assets. Demolition was completed by the end of September 2018 and this took a little longer than we had originally anticipated due to the close proximity of the surrounding buildings. We have since completed retention works and foundation piles have been placed. Basement excavation is underway and the main sewer to allow the construction to the rear of the building has been installed. The front high voltage powerlines are to be placed underground by United Energy Power and this will be completed prior to the construction crane being installed.

With respect to the actual build of the development, we successfully concluded our tender process and are excited to advise we have again appointed Liberty Builders as our partner. As you may know, we have used Liberty Builders for two of our other developments. To ensure we received the quality build, we tendered this job with Liberty Builders and two others. At the end of the tendering process, we engaged with Liberty. The decision around construction time and quality formed our opinion that Liberty was the best candidate and we are excited to have engaged them again.

We are currently marketing the commercial space and although we have had plenty of enquiries and interest, we are being quite selective on the tenant as we want to ensure them to be the right fit for the building. We will keep you updated as we progress through this process.

We are very pleased the development commenced before Christmas and it is due for completion around April 2020.

All further updates will be sent out by the developer to all purchasers directly.