Stanley & Roden continues to progress well and looking to finish onsite in September.


The fit out is well underway, with plastering, tiling and joinery to start by the end of the month.

The façade is nearing completion, now with windows moving up the building along with external finishes.

The basement is being fitted out with services

There will be regular updates as the development progresses.

In relation to the program, the status is as follows:

  • Site set up works – Completed
  • Bulk excavation – Completed
  • Basement works – Completed
  • Structure works – Completed
  • Services rough in – Completed
  • Window glazing- In progress
  • Façade cladding – In progress
  • Internal fit out works – In progress
  • Finishing works-
  • Title registration
  • Occupancy permit
  • Ready to settle